Living Benefits

We all at some time will get sick, miss work, or require significant medical treatment.  Our variety of health, disability and critical illness insurance products can greatly improve your family's ability to focus on what is most important, recovering to full health!
  • Health & Dental Coverage – If you don't have coverage at work, we can help you find the right mix of coverage to protect your family from the costs of prescription drugs, dental care, vision care and other health care costs not covered by our Provincial health care.
  • Disability Insurance – an absolute must for self-employed people, professionals and anyone else not covered by a workplace plan.  What would happen today if you could not work due to a serious medical condition or accident? 
  • Critical Illness Insurance – Eventually, we will all get sick.  Heart attack, stroke, cancer and nearly two dozen other serious illnesses are covered by most critical illness policies.  Need to take time off work, get specialized treatment, have to make renovations to your home due to your illness or recovery, if you have the right insurance in place you can do any of these things.
Our Financial Advisors can help create a plan to protect your family from the financial strains caused by life's unforeseen events.

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