Commercial Insurance A business is not built in a day. That is why it is as important to insure it, as you would insure your home or vehicle. A comprehensive business insurance plan such as the one offered by Gray Rock Insurance will save you a lot of time, effort and money.



Although every business is unique, our insurers recognize that many types of commercial
operations have common insurance requirements. Many excellent package policies have been
developed for a wide range of businesses. 

These packages include such elements as-
  • property coverage (building, stock, equipment, inventory),
  • business interruption, 
  • mechanical breakdown, 
  • crime,
  • commercial general liability for the business's operations.
Gray Rock's Insurance Commercial General Liability Insurance

As simple and unimportant as it may sound, did you know that if someone accidentally injures themselves while on your property (ex: slipping) could cost you a hefty lawsuit? To save yourself and your business from any such unanticipated damages or liabilities, it is better to get commercial general liability insurance.

Gray Rock’s commercial general liability insurance would cover the costs where your business is found responsible for causing any type of property damage or bodily injury to the third party.
Gray Rock's Commercial Property Insurance

Our comprehensive commercial property insurance covers the costs and the claims in case of damage occurring to your building, equipment, inventory, all types of electronic devices, furniture and computers etc.

Along with all this, you also get claims for the costs of the outside things ex: growing plants, fences, trees, lawns, shrubs or outdoor signs etc. Kindly note that these outside things must be close to the business premises. 

To get commercial property insurance, it is not required that you must own the business space, the policy is beneficial and profitable even when you operate from a rented space or your home or a property on lease.
Gray Rock's Professional Liability Insurance

It is not just a business where unforeseen damages could happen, even professionals might
face these unwelcome situations at the time. Whether you are a financial planner or a consultant or any professional rendering your professional services, taking good professional liability insurance could go a long way for you.

An expensive and complicated lawsuit might look like this- A little error on your part caused a big financial loss to your client. Now, we all make mistakes. So does that mean that we pay that large amount for every mistake? No, right! 

So, this is where Gray Rock's Professional liability insurance would save you. Our
comprehensive professional liability insurance reduces the expenses arising out of an
unexpected lawsuit in case of errors of omission or commission.
Gray Rock's Cyber risk & data breach

Cyber attacks are on the rise. All businesses do everything to safeguard themselves but the scammers find a loophole and cause unnecessary financial and mental trouble. 

But don't worry, along with doing the best of your capabilities to protect your company's data like- customer database, credit card information, important credentials etc. Gray Rock's Cyber risk and data breach insurance covers claims for the costs occurring out of any such damages.

Gray Rock's insurance for trade shows 

As it is commonly called- the exhibitor's insurance or the insurance for trade shows provides
a wide range of benefits for your trade shows and exhibitions.

Our comprehensive plan includes:
  • General liability insurance
  • Claims for the costs covering the damages to your equipment and contents
  • Inland Marine insurance claims
  • Crime insurance claims
  • Commercial Auto insurance claims
  • Cancellation and non-appearance costs
  • Food and beverages concessions etc.

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