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Client satisfaction and retention: Gray Rock is not a high producing sales operation. Most of our growth has come from referrals from satisfied clients or retention of clients from brokerages that we have joined with us. We would much rather keep a satisfied client than spend the time filling the hopper with new sales while dissatisfied clients leak out the bottom. We believe in win-win relationships.

No voice mail: Although automated voice mail has become very popular and in some cases reduces the number of call backs, Gray Rock feels that a caring and interested human voice is appreciated by the majority of clients. As a result, every call is answered personally by one of our insurance professionals.

Eco-friendly:  At Gray Rock we are working towards operating a paperless office in an effort to make information sharing easier and to minimize environmental damage.

Availability of insurance markets: A good selection of major insurance markets is one of the ways in which Gray Rock is able to provide excellent cost/benefit results for our clients. Many competitors, including much larger brokers, have reduced their number of insurance markets in order to cut overhead and maximize compensation, but have reduced the available options for their clients. Gray Rock is contracted with an unusually large number of insurance companies for personal and commercial property/casualty insurance and has most of the market available for employee benefits, life and disability insurance.

Independence: Gray Rock is totally independent from all insurance company suppliers. This enables us to have complete freedom of choice in selecting an insurance market for our clients and to put their needs first. A growing percentage of larger insurance brokers are partly owned by insurance companies. We question how independent they can be.

Qualified insurance professionals: All of our insurance professionals here at Gray Rock are RIBO licensed insurance brokers and are required to complete continuing education courses each year to enhance or broaden their areas of expertise.

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